Green Path

Responsibility towards the environment is fundamental in our Company’s policy

It is our duty to promote our “green soul” by creating and sustaining an environmentally friendly culture and sensibility. It is important for us to underline that our activity does not produce industrial waste and that all of our productive steps are not wet processes, thus making the negative impact on the environment considerably lower than that of other firms operating in the textile chain (i.e. dyeing and printing plants). We’ve been engaged for some seasons in initiatives that will allow us to reach a high level of eco-sustainability.

The critical points are:

  • Energy consumption
  • Textile waste involved in the productive processes


September 2023

We have installed solar panels that will allow savings up to 20% (with peaks reaching 30-35% in the summer months) on our electricity consumption. This important investment has been made possible through a contribution dispensed by the Regional Lombardy government that, in 2022, launched an announcement aimed at improving energetic efficiency for small-and-medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Moreover, lighting has been improved in our productive department through the installation of new, more performing LED lamps.


50% of plastic tubes is currently being recycled (our aim is to progressively increase this figure); all other textile waste is collected and managed by a Company specialized in sustainable waste disposal and/or recovery.